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  Hand Carved Swordfish 51"
  Hand Carved Swordfish 38"
  Hand Carved Statue Acrobats
  Hear No Evil See No Evil
  Statue Men Climbing Tree
African Art Sculptures
  Sculpture Two Women
  Sculpture Woman Water
  Sculpture Woman Carrying Pot
  Sculpture Wares For Sale
  Sculpture Woman Crossed Legs
  Sculpture Woman with Pot
  Sculpture Dog Biting Man
  Sculpture Man Climbing Tree
  Sculpture Man Climbing (Black)
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  African Art Masks The Thinker
  African Art Carved Devils Mask
  African Art Masks in Mahagony
  African Art Masks in Whitestick
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  African Art Carved Chairs 47"
  African Art Elephant Table 24"
  African Art Elephant Table 18"
  African Art Hand Carved Chest
  African Art Drum Stool Table
  African Art Carved Walking Stick
African Art and Jewelry

African Art and Jewelry

Are you searching for the best of African art, ranging from fine handcarved statues and unique furniture to traditional tribal masks you've come to the right place.. 


I'm Yvonne Roberts.

Our website is not just a catalog of the artwork and jewelry we sell, but also an information resource for all kinds of things related to the art of African.

For example our artwork includes stories about the men and their families who often spend months creating a single piece of art, with stories thrown in about their lives and their families.

We are also not in business simply to sell art.  We are trying to make a difference for people in Sierra Leone where an entire family's survival may depend on the income they receive from purchase from people like yourself.  In other words, we are not merely selling fine art, we (Together, you and I) are making a difference in people's lives.

On top of all this we wanted to become a useful resource for people like you who may want to learn more about the history and traditions of Jewelry and Art from Africa.

We hope you like what you see and we want you to know with each purchase you are indeed helping an entire family of good people in Africa.

Yvonne Roberts,



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African Art Sculpture Two Women African Sculpture Two Women African Art Carved Walking Stick
African Art Hear No Evil See No Evil African Art Walking Stick African Whitestick Mask
African Drum Stool African Carved Walking Stick Handcarved Africa Elephant
Handcarved African Elephant African Art Sculpture Women Hand Carved African Elephant
African Art Statues African Drum Table African Walking Stick
African Art Elephant Carved African Elephant African Art Furniture
Art From Africa African Sculptures African Elephant Art
African Art Sculpture African Masks Hand Carved African Elephant
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Africa Sculpture Two Women Africa Drum Stool Africa Art Carved Walking Stick
Africa Art Sculpture Two Women Africa Chairs Carved Africa Art Hear No Evil See No Evil
Africa Art Walking Stick Africa Art Masks Mahogany Africa Carved Walking Stick
Africa Carved Chairs Mahogany Masks Africa Africa Walking Stick
Africa Masks Mahogany Mahogany Africa Masks Africa Art Sculpture Woman
Handcarved African Elephant Africa Art Sculpture Women Africa Hand Carved
Africa Drum Table Hand Carved African Elephant Africa Art Furniture
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